Click here to Apply: 2025 Step-Up Omaha Application  (Applications open JANUARY 1, 2025)


Summer Program: Monday, June 2, 2025 – Friday, August 1, 2025

APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE INTO THE PROGRAM. The number of positions is determined by the availability of funding.

Based on our funding sources, the program gives priority to families based on income. A special focus is also placed on applicants from the North and South Omaha zip codes, however, all those living in the City of Omaha between the ages of 14 and 21 can apply. We encourage you to apply even if you do not live in the priority areas. More positions and funding sources may become available and Step-Up Omaha has grown to include participants from throughout the City of Omaha.


  • Learn more about your strengths, talents and career interests
  • Acquire and build life, job and teamwork skills
  • Gain work experiences including interviewing, job search and customer service
  • Gain valuable on-the-job work experience and explore future career opportunities
  • Earn up to $2500 or more this summer and gain valuable educational training.

STEP-UP OMAHA! Experiences for Participants:

Step-Up Omaha!  Career Exploration

  • Age 14-15, participate in career exploration training & education.
  • Prepares you for future employment opportunities & career choices.
  • 14 and 15-year-olds are paid a stipend and do not work on job sites.
  • Ages 14-15 who are not on worksites are paid $140 weekly.

Step-Up Omaha!  On-the-Job Training

  • Age 15-18, participate in targeted work experiences and education.
  • Participants have limited previous work experience.

Step-Up Omaha!  Career Intern

  • Age 16-18, participate in career-oriented work experiences & education.
  • Participants have previous work experience & specific career interest.

Step-Up Omaha!  CONNECT 

  • Age 19-21, participate in a training and job placement program.
  • Team will work to connect you with part-time and full-time opportunities


  • Exploration: Work Experience Training and Skills
  • Employment: On-the-Job Training and Work Experiences
  • Education: Academic Recovery, Vocational, G.E.D., Entrepreneurship, College Prep
  • Enrichment: Career and Life Experiences


The summer portion of the initiative runs from June 7th to August 6th. Youth participate in orientation and assessment sessions in May.  Ages 16 and older follow the schedule below:

  • Workers will complete 2 weeks of training June 2 – June 13.
  • Workers are available from June 16 – August 1.
  • Workers primarily work 20-30 hours per week. Some employers are recruiting full-time workers/interns.
  • Workers Age 15+ placed at worksites  are paid a minimum of $14.00 per hour.
  • Workers attend classes when they are not on the job. Focus on industry certification.

Ages 14-15 participate in work experience training for 9 weeks and receive a $200 or more per week stipend. They do not go to work sites. Returning participants age 16 and older may start training as early as April/May and will get connected with employment opportunities as soon as possible. The focus for this group is connecting with longer-term educational and job opportunities.