Businesses and organizations that would like to support the initiative, please contact:

Markus Hines, Worksite Development Director
Phone: (402)-301-5215

You can also download, review and complete the pledge and/or job request form to become a partner with Step-Up Omaha!

If you would like to sponsor or hire an intern(s) for the 2024 with funding from your organization, Click Here.

If you would like to hire a summer intern and want to request subsidized funding,  Click Here.

STEP-UP OMAHA! collaborates with employers and organizations from a wide range of industries to help expand the future workforce pipeline by placing prepared young adults in mutually beneficial and diverse work experiences across the Omaha metropolitan area.

Our young adults carry out various jobs, from administrative roles at worksites such as banks, government agencies, and corporate offices to more hands-on roles in areas such as grounds keeping, urban gardening, construction and event planning.

The summer program for 2025 is Monday, June 2, 2025 – Friday, August 1, 2025. (Returning Interns (16+) may report to worksites earlier, while new interns will start on their worksites on June 16th following two weeks of employment training).

We look forward to working with you and your company to see how a Step-Up Omaha! intern can be an asset in your workplace!


  1. Increase the diversity of your workforce; Diversity improves the bottom-line!
  2. Generate new, creative and innovative ideas with fresh insights.
  3. Build a pipeline of qualified and prepared workers; reverse the brain drain.
  4. Increase your summer workforce at a low cost; develop local talent
  5. Build a stronger community by developing tax-paying and connected citizens

There are four ways that businesses and organizations can invest in this vitally important initiative:

  1. Hire participants from the initiative and provide a high quality work experience
  2. Provide work experience opportunities that are subsidized or partially subsidized
  3. Sponsor participants financially. Participants will be placed on a separate work site
  4. Make a financial contribution to support the initiative.


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“We invest in Step-Up Omaha because it works.  A job gives teenagers and young adults more than a paycheck.  Jobs help to develop self-esteem, teach time management skills and how to work as part of a team.  The Step-Up jobs program provides that first job opportunity for many and Omaha businesses have a new pool of eager job candidates. The City of Omaha is proud to return as a Step-Up partner.”
—Mayor Jean Stothert, City of Omaha

“One of the greatest strengths of the United States is its diversity.  At the same time, this diversity has been underused as a resource.  We also know over the years there’s been a shortage of African-Americans and people of color in senior management and executive suites in Omaha and the Council Bluffs area.  The Empowerment Network’s Step-Up Omaha program is one vital tool to addressing this long term.  It shows our youth what is available right here at home.”
– Steve Wild,
President, Charles E. Lakin Foundation

“We are excited to be a part of the continued expansion of this jobs program.  The Empowerment Network has been effective with this program for the last fifteen years. They have excellent connections to youth in the community and offer great support to employers. The youth participants are respectful and courteous.  It’s wonderful to see their horizons expand as they are exposed to new work challenges.”
—John Kotouc, Executive Chairman–American National Bank

“UNMC is a proud participant in Step-Up Omaha,” Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D. said.  “This past summer, a Step-Up Omaha participant brought tremendous energy to the chancellor’s office, while gaining valuable professional experience.  I would encourage all Omaha-area organizations and businesses to look at participating in this program, which is crucial to building a highly competitive workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve.”
— Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gould, M.D., UNMC

“We’re not asking for a charitable contribution, we’re asking you to invest in the people that will potentially be able to stay with you, your organization, develop a career, it’s good for the community and good for your business.  I started my career in law enforcement with a summer job just like Step-Up Omaha!”
—John Ewing, Douglas County Treasurer, and Empowerment Network Board Member